Chinese interpreter

We provide Chinese interpreting services to businesses and individuals in Auckland and throughout New Zealand.  Our qualified Chinese interpreters (including mandarin interpreters and cantonese interpreters) can travel to all locations in New Zealand, or even to China and other countries.

Not sure whether you need a Mandarin or Cantonese interpreter?   Give us a call, we will sort it out for you.

Intepreting fee:

  • $70-110 per hour, or $600-800 per day.  Travel time and preparation time may or may not be charged for, depending on duration, location, topics, and other factors. 
  • We will give you more idea about the fee after you tell us a bit more about the assignment and your requirements.  We will email you a booking form if you are happy with our fee. 

       To ensure that we are going to have a Chinese interpreter for you, please make a booking as soon as you are certain that you are going to need an Chinese interpreter.  We will email you a booking form upon request.

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