Driver Licence Translation Service in 30 minutes, approved by NZTA

We translate driver licences into English for international travellers, students, immigrants, and visitors, so that they can use it legally in New Zealand.

  • Certified official English translation.  Approved by New Zealand goverment (NZTA, NZ Transport Agency)
  • All major languages. We translate driver's licences (driving permits) in all major languages (see below).
  • Only NZ$58 per licence
  • In about 30 minutes, we can complete the translation for you.
  • Available for 7 days a week, including weekends and public holidays
  • Online or in our offices, whichever suits you.
  • Easy payment:  Pay by credit card, online banking, PayPal or other methods.
1. We translate driver licences from all major countries:
  • Chinese driver licence translation (mainland China, Taiwan)
  • Danish driver licence translation  (Denmark)
  • Dutch driver licence translation (the Netherlands, Belgium)
  • Finnish driver licence translation (Finland)
  • French driver licence translation (France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Morocco, New Caledonia, Switzerland, French Polynesia, Quebec)
  • German driver licence translation (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
  • Italian driver licence translation (Italy)
  • Japanese driver licence translation (Japan)
  • Malay driver licence translation (Malaysia)
  • Indonesian driver licence translation (Indonesia)
  • Norwegian driver licence translation (Norway)
  • Portuguese driver licence translation (for Portugal and Brazil)
  • Spanish driver licence translation (Spain, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Uruguay, Venezuela)
  • Swedish driver licence translation (Sweden)
  • Other languages and other countries
2.  How much does it cost, and hong soon can you complete the translation for me?
  • NZ $58 per driver licence.  We can complete the translation for you in about 30 minutes.  
  • Note: If the country that issued your driver licence is not listed in Section 1 above, then the price and turnaround time may be different.  Please email us a copy of your driver licence, we will then be able to tell you the price and turnaround time.
3.   What can I use the translation for?
You can use our certified translation (together with your driver licence):
     3a:  To rent a car or van from a car rental company, and drive legally on New Zealand roads for up to 12 months. 
     3b:  To have your overseas driver licence converted into a New Zealand driver licence.
     3c:  To apply for an IRD number (tax number) in New Zealand.
     3d:  For other legal purposes.

3.  I would like to use your translation service, what do I need to do now?

 (1) Give us a copy of your driver licence (both sides) and passport (only the photo page):

  • By email.  You can get a copy using your smart phone, camera or scanner. Please make sure that your copy is very clear.
  • Bring your driver licence and passport to our office.

(2) If there are non-English characters (for example, ä ö ü ß) in your names, please let us know their equivalent English characters. Tell us what is your family name, given name and middle name (if any) respectively, if they are not specified clearly on your driver licence.  

(3) Tell us how you would like to receive the translation

  • By email.  Choose this option only if the purpose of the translation is 3a (see section 2 above).  Emailed translation can only be used for Purpose 3a.  For other purposes, you must have the original translation document from us; therefore, you need to choose one of the other two options below.
  • By post.  Please tell us your postal address and postal code. You can post the translation to you free of charge by regular mail.  Or we can courier to the translation to you for additional NZ$9.
  • Pick-up.  You come to our office to collect the translation when we tell you it is ready.  Please tell us which office you would like to come.

(4) Make payment by using any method listed on our web page:   After you have made payment, please let us know asap.

Note:  If you do it online, please email all the above information in a single email.  Before we start translating for you, we need to receive payment and the above information.