Translation Service Fees

1. All business documents and personal documents (except those listed in section 2 & 3):

  • Fee Estimate:  usually NZ$20-40 (GST exclusive) per 100 words.  A higher rate may be charged for small documents,  rare languages, technical text, legal text, complicated layout/format or when urgent turnaround is required, or when there are other complicating factors. 
  • Turnaround time estimate: Usually 1-3 work days for up to 2000 words.  For every additional 1500 words, an extra working day is required.
  • Accurate fee and turnaround:  Please email or bring your documents to us.  We will then give you a free and no-obligation fixed quote and a more accurate estimate on turnaround time.
  2.  Police certificates from Germany, France, China;
       ID card, birth, marriage, divorce certificate from China and Malaysia:
  • Fees: NZ$49 each (GST inclusive). 
  • Turnaround time:   in 24 hours  (may be completed in less than 1 hour if it is urgent for you.  An urgency fee may apply).

 3.  Driver licences:  please visit our webpage


Interpreting Service Fees
         For interpreting service fees, please click here