Online Certified Translation Service

1. What is online certified translation service?

Traditionally, if you need an officially certified translation, you will need to come to our office.   With online certified translation service, you do not need to travel to our office.  Instead, you email us the documents.  We will prepare and certify the translation, and email you the translation as a PDF attachment.  You can print it yourself. This saves you time and petrol. 

2. Can I still have a paper copy (hard copy) of the translation document from your company?

Yes, you can if you need it. We can courier the translation document to your address in New Zealand.

However, in the vast majority of cases, you can simply print out the translation document yourself after we email it to you as a PDF document.

For example:  If you apply for a visa online, you will only need to submit your supporting documents (including certified translations) in PDF format.  If you want to convert your overseas driver licence into a NZ one, we can email you a certified translation as a PDF attachment.  You only need to print it with a colour printer.  NZ Transport Agency and its agents (such as AA offices) will accept such colour printouts.

3. What documents can be translated by using your online certified translation service?

All documents.  In fact, over 95% of our customers use our online certified translation service, instead of coming to our office.

4. What are the specific steps for me to get a certified translation online?

  • All other documents: Please email us your document for a quote.  Our email address is In majority of cases, we can give a quote in less than 30 minutes during our business hours.  In our quote, we will tell you:
    • how much it will cost.
    • how long we would complete the translation for you.
    • what are the next steps if you decide to accept our quote.

If you have any questions, you can call us on (09) 889 0148, or 022-044-6400.