Driver Licence Translation NZ: Certified & official; from NZ$45; from 20 minutes

A driver licence is also known as a driving licence, a driving permit, or a driver’s license.

Auckland Translations Ltd is authorised by New Zealand government to translate overseas driver licences.  With our certified English translation, international visitors and migrants can drive legally in New Zealand  for up to 12 months, and in Australia for up to 6 – 12 months.  Or if you stay in NZ continuously for over 12 months, you can use our translation to convert your overseas driver licence into a New Zealand one.

We are based in Auckland, New Zealand.  However, we provide our driver licence translation service to people all over New Zealand (including Christchurch, Wellington, Queenstown, Hamilton), Australia, France, Germany, China, the Netherlands and other countries.

1. Service Description:

  • Certified official English translation.  Approved by New Zealand government (NZTA, NZ Transport Agency).
  • Great Price and Fast Services:
    • Only NZ$45 for each driver licence for Standard Service:  We will complete the translation for you in 24 hours.  or
    • Only NZ$58 for each driver licence for Urgent Service: We complete the translation for you in 20-30 minutes (during our normal working hours)
  • Available 7 days a week, including weekends and public holidays (excluding Christmas day 25 December)
  • Online or in our offices, whichever suits you.
  • Easy payment:  Pay by credit card, online banking, PayPal or other methods.
  • Excellent Google review results:  5/5 and 4.5/5 for our Albany office and Greenlane office.  Please click here and here.

2.  What country’s driver licence can you translate?

We can translate driver licences from all major countries:

3.   What can I use your translation for?

You can use our certified translation for the following purposes (you will need to tell us your main purpose, so that we can prepare the translation to meet that specific purpose):

3a:  To rent a car or van from a vehicle rental company, and/or to drive legally on New Zealand roads for up to 12 months.

3b:  To rent a car or van from a vehicle rental company, and/or to drive legally up to 6 months in Victoria Australia and up to 12 months in other states in Australia.  You can only do this if you are an international visitor to Australia, not a Australia permanent resident or citizen.

3c:  To have your overseas driver licence converted into a New Zealand driver licence, so that you can drive in NZ permanently.

3d:  To apply for an IRD number (tax number) in New Zealand.

3e:  For other legal purposes in New Zealand (such as NZ banks, immigration, courts)

4.  I would like to use your translation service, what do I need to do now?

Please email the following information to  Or visit our offices.

  • A copy of your driver licence (both sides) and passport (only the page with your photo).  It can be a scanned copy, a photocopy, or images taken with your smart phone or camera.
  •  Tell us what you will use the translation for.   Please choose 3a, 3b, 3c, 3d or 3e from Section 3 above.  If you do not tell us, we will not be able to guarantee that the translation will serve your particular purpose.  This is because the translation format and layout will be different for different purposes.
  •  Proof of payment.   We need to receive payment proof before we translate for you. The amount of fee you need to pay is at the beginning of this page (in red colour).  Please make payment by using any method listed on our web page:   After you have made payment successfully, please take a photo or a screenshot, and email it to us


  • If you do it online, it is better that you email all the above information to us in one single email, instead of in several emails.  This can speed up the translation process.
  • Before we start translating for you, we need to receive all of the information above, including proof of payment

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