Drivers License Translation Australia. From NZ$45. From 30 minutes

If you visit Sydney, Melbourne or other parts of Australia for less than 3-12 months (depending on which state you visits), you can use our certified English translation of your driver licence to:

  • rent a car/van from a vehicle rental company, and
  • show it to the police, if the police stop you on the roads.

We translate drivers licenses in French, German, Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Danish and other languages.

For translation fee, languages and how to order a translation, please visit our page: Driver Licence Translation

Our Guarantees:

Vehicle Rental Companies: In the unlikely event that our translation is not accepted by your vehicle rental company in Australia, we will give you a full refund of the translation fee.

Police Tickets: In the unlikely event that Australia police give you a penalty ticket because they do not accept our translation, you can email us the ticket and we will pay for it. 

1. The above guarantees apply only if you stay in Australia for less than 3 months, and only for the above specified purposes.

2. If you stay in Australia for over 3 months, you may need to have your overseas driver licence converted into an Australian driver licence. Our translations cannot be used for conversion or for other purposes.