Christchurch Drivers Licence Translation Service: Certified & Official. From NZ$45

We also provide our driver licence translation service to people who live or visit Christchurch, New Zealand, although we are based in Auckland New Zealand.

In fact, our customers include a large number of international travellers and migrants to Christchurch, as well as car rental companies in Christchurch.  This is because we translate driver licences faster and at a cheaper price than translation companies based in Christchurch.

All procedures can be done online. You only need to email us a copy of your driver licence and make payment by credit card or by online banking.   We will email you a translation document in PDF.   If you are using the translation to drive on New Zealand roads, a colour printed copy of a PDF translation document will be sufficient.  In the rare cases where you use the translation to apply for a tax number (IRD number) in New Zealand, we can post or courier the original translation document to your address in Christchurch.

If you are interested in our driver license translation service, please visit our webpage: