French Driving Licence Translation NZ$45, NZTA approved

French driver licence for translation

Auckland Translations Ltd is approved by NZ Transport Agency to translate overseas driver licences into English.

French driving licence translation fee

We translate all driving licences in French language:

France driver licence
Switzerland driver licence (Swiss)
Quebec driver licence (Canada)
French Polynesia driver licence
Belgium driver licence
New Caledonia driver licence
Luxembourg driver licence
Moroccan driver licence (Morocco)
Algerian driver licence (Algeria)
Congo driver licence
Ivory Coast driver licence
Madagascar driver licence
Monaco driver licence
  • Standard Translation Service (24 hours turnaround time): NZ$45.
  • Urgent Translation Service (30 minutes turnaround time during our office hours): NZ$59

What our customers say about our French driving licence translation service?

  • Excellent service for French driving licence translation. Prompt and quality as advertised. Definitely recommend. – family Ayache
  • “Service excellent. Tout est très bien indiqué sur le site internet. Les étapes sont très clair. Le règlement reste très simple par virement. J’ai eu la traduction de mon permis de conduire en 24h et pour un très bon prix. Je recommande!” – Emelie Gomes

How do I order a French driving licence translation?

To order and get a certified English translation of your French driver licence, please email the following information to us at:

  1. A copy of your French driving licence (both sides)
  2. Proof of Payment.  Click Pay Now, and take a screenshot after payment success.
  3. What you would use the translation for. Car rentals, or converting to a NZ driver licence, or for other purposes?
  4. Your phone number. We will call you only if we need to contact you urgently.

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