German Driver License Translation NZ$45, NZTA approved

German driver licence for translation

Auckland Translations Ltd is approved by New Zealand government (NZTA) to translate overseas driver licenses.

German Driver License Translation Fee

We translate the following driver licenses in German language into English.

German Driver Licenses
Swiss Driver Licenses (Switzerland)
Austrian Driver Licenses
Other Driver Licenses in German language

For a certified English translation, our fee is:

  • Standard Service (24 hours turnaround time): NZ$45.
  • Urgent Service (30 minutes turnaround time during our office hours): NZ$59

What our customers say about our German driver license translation service?

“Uncomplicated quick translation of swiss driving license. Thanks Jimmy!” – Joel Wiesmann

“Führerscheinübersetzung war schnell und unkompliziert innerhalb eines Tages erledigt.”  – Mäcsi

“Schnell, einfach und unkompliziert. Genau so wie es sein sollte, hat alles gepasst. Bearbeitung hat selbst an einem Sonntag und ohne Express keine 12h gedauert.” – Toni Mäusbacher

How do I order a German driver license translation?

You only need to send the following information to our email address

  1. A copy of your German driving license (both sides)
  2. English spelling of your name, if your name contains special letters such as ä, ö, ü. For example, do you want us to write Jörg as Jorg or Joerg?  New Zealand government does not want us to keep such special German characters in a translation document.
  3. Proof of payment. Please click Pay Now to pay, and take a screenshot after payment is successful.
  4. Tell us what you would use the translation for. Is it for a car rental company, or converting to a New Zealand driver license, or is it for something else?
  5. Your phone number. We will call you only if we need to contact you urgently.

Please send us all the above information in one single email, instead of in several emails.  This can speed up our translation process for you.

What happens next?

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