Urgent Translation of Driver Licence. 30 minutes. NZTA approved

  • Urgent Service of Driver Licence Translation: We complete a driver licence translation for you in 30 minutes (half an hour).
  • Our translation fee for our urgent service is NZ$59 only.
  • Standard service (turnaround time 24 hours) is also available for a even lower fee of NZ$45.
  • We are approved by New Zealand government (NZTA)

The above turnaround time and fee apply to driver licences in French, Chinese, German, Spanish, Italian, Indonesian, Portuguese, Swedish, Dutch, Japanese, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Polish, Korean, Malay, and many other major languages.

Turnaround time and translation fee may be different for driver licences in some non-alphabetic languages (such as Arabic and Farsi).

For more info, or to request an driver licence translation, please visit our webpage driver licence translation.