Payment Options

After you have successfully made payment, please email us proof of payment.

1.  Online banking transfer to our New Zealand bank account.   Or deposit cash/cheque at any Westpac branch in New Zealand

Account name: Auckland Translations Ltd  

Account no.: 03-0252-0566430-00  

Reference:  your phone number

If you are paying us from an overseas bank account, you may need information about our bank.  Please click here


2.  Online banking transfer to our Europe, Australia, UK or US bank accounts.  New!!

You can easily pay us in Euro, AUD, GBP or USD from your bank account in Europe, Australia, UK or US.  For details, please click here


3.  Visa, MasterCard 

Click the button below, and follow the instructions.
150 48


4.  PayPal

Our PayPal account:

5.  Other payment options

If you are unable to pay in any of the above methods, please contact us