1. Overseas driver licences:

  • Only NZ$45 (GST inclusive) for each driver licence for Standard Service.  We will complete the translation for you in 24 hours.  or
  • Only NZ$58 (GST inclusive) for each driver licence for Urgent Service. We complete the translation for you in 20-30 minutes (during our normal working hours)

 2.  Police Certificates (only those from Germany, France and China), Birth/marriage/divorce certificates (only those from China), and ID cards (only those from Malaysia and China): 

  • Fees: only NZ$49 (GST inclusive) for each of the above documents.
  • Turnaround time:   usually in 24 hours.   If it is urgent for you, we may complete the translation for you in less than 1 hour, with an urgency fee.

3.  All other documents:  

  • We need to see your documents before we can give you a quote. You may email your documents to us, or you may bring your documents to us.
  • We are unable to give you a quote over the phone before we see your documents. However, if you need an urgent quote,  you are welcome to give us a call at least 5  minutes after you email your documents to us.
  • Our quote is very fast. Most of the time, we give our customers a quote in 10 minutes after we see their documents.
  • A free and no-obligation quote will be given to you after we read your documents. Our quote and turnaround time will depend on many factors, such as language pairs, subject matter, volume, format and other factors.