Translation Service Process

For the process of driver licence translation, please refer to section 4 of our web page:
Step 1:  You give us your documents
You need to email or bring  your document to us for a quotation,  unless your document is listed on our webpage: with a fixed fee.
  • Email.  This is the fastest and preferred way.   If you have a printed document (e.g . a driver licence),  you may scan it by using a multi-function printer or a scanner.  Or you may take a photo of your document by using a digital camera.  You can then email us the scan or photo.  Please make sure the scan or photo can be read clearly on a computer screen.
  • Bring your document to our address.
Step 2:  We tell you the translation fee, turnaround time, and when to make payment
After we receive your document, we will tell you how much the translation fee will be, and how long it will take us to complete the translations for you.
  • If you request for a translation for yourself for private use, you will need to pay the full amount of the translation fee before we translate for you.
  • If you request for a translation on behalf of a registered company, we may agree to translate for you first, and then invoice you after we complete the translation for you.

Step 3:  You make payment, or give us a go-ahead instruction by email

If you are happy with our fee and turnaround time, you can now make payment using any method listed on our web page:  (If you represent a registered company, and if we have told you that you do not need to pay upfront, please send us an email and tell us to proceed with the translation.)
After you have made payment, please let us know, preferably by email.  Please also tell us know how you would like us to give you the translation:
  • By email, or
  • By post.  Please let us know your postal address and postal code.   We will post the translation to you free of charge.
  • You come to our office to collect
Step 4:  We start translating and give the translation to you
During the translation process, we may need to seek for clarifications from you, usually by email.  Therefore, please check your emails regularly. 
After we have completed the translation, we will let you know.  Depending on your preference, we will send the translation to you or ask you to come to collect.