Job Vacancy: Chinese Translator (Project Administrator)

You are a native English speaker?  Or you had at least 3 years of your primary/secondary education in NZ or other English speaking countries?  

And, you can read, write and speak Chinese language very well?  Perhaps you are part of a Chinese family, or you have lived in China or other Chinese speaking regions for at least 12 months.

Then, you may be our ideal candidate for this job.

Auckland Translations Ltd provides translation services to individuals, businesses and government departments in New Zealand. A full time position of “Chinese translator / translation project administrator” is now available at our Albany office, Northshore, Auckland.

We offer:

  1. Flexible work hours. Work days and hours can be tailored to suit your other commitments. If you prefer to work less hours because of other commitments such as picking up school children, we will have no problem either.
  2. On-the-job training and ongoing support.
  3. Spacious and pleasant office environment, with beautiful views.
  4. Annual Salary: $42,848 – 53,560, depending on your skills and abilities.

The main duties of the role are:

  1. Translate documents, mostly driver licences and non-technical documents. Primarily from Chinese to English.
  2. Manage translation projects. This mostly involves: Emailing quotes to potential customers; emailing documents to our freelance translators to translate; and emailing the final translation documents to our customers.
  3. Answer customers’ phone calls in English and in Mandarin; write emails to customers in English and in Chinese.
  4. Help the owner with records and accounts for the company, and other relevant tasks.


You need to meet the following criteria:

1. English Language Skills:  (You must meet at least one of the following)
• Be a native speaker of English. or
• At least 3 years of your primary/secondary education in schools where English was the teaching language for most subjects (the schools can be in NZ , Singapore, Malaysia, Hongkong, Australia, UK, Canada, USA or any country/region where English is one of its official languages). or
• Your IELTS score is 8 or above.

2. Chinese Language Skills:
You will need to have lived in a Chinese-speaking country, region or family for at least 12 months. You need to be able to speak fluent mandarin, and know Hanyu Pinyin spellings for the majority of the commonly-used Chinese characters.

3. Qualification: Tertiary education (level, subject and country is not important).

4. Computer skills.
Good computer / internet skills; proficient in MS Word.

5. Good attention to detail

6. Residency/Visa: Residency/Visa: Applicants must have NZ (or Australia) citizenship or permanent residency, or a visa that entitles you to work in NZ

How to Apply:

If you meet all our criteria and are interested in the position, please email the following information asap to

1. Your completed and signed application form. Please download the application form from:

2. Your current CV

3. A cover letter

In the email subject, please write:  CNFAKTCONZ166 & your name.