Arabic Driver Licence Translation Service

We translate the following Arabic driver licences into English:

  • Saudi Arabia driver licence,
  • Egypt driver licence,
  • Iraq driver licence,
  • Jordan driver licence,
  • Kuwait driver licence,
  • Lebanon driver licence,
  • Oman driver licence,
  • Qatar driver licence,
  • Driver licences issued by other Arabi speaking countries.

Passport: To translate your Arabic driver licence, we will need a copy of your passport, so that we can use the correct English spelling for your name.

Family name and given name: Please let us know what is your family name and what is your first name, if your driver licence and passport do not specifically provide this information.

For more information, please visit our webpage about driver licence translation:

Price and Turnaround time:  For some Arabic driver licences, the price may be higher and it may take longer to translate than stated in the above link.  You need to first email us or bring to us a copy of your driver licence,  we will then tell you how much the translation fee is, and how long it will take us to complete the translation for you.