French Translation Service

We provide French translation services to businesses and individuals in New Zealand and in other countries.

Our professional French translators are fluent in both French and English languages.  Most of them have lived or studied in France, Belgium, French Polynesia, Luxembourg, Morocco, New Caledonia, Quebec, Switzerland and other French-speaking countries and regions.  We will choose the most suitable French translator to translate your documents.

French to English translation service is performed by our professional French translators whose native language is English.   Our certified English translations are recognised by New Zealand Immigration Service, New Zealand Transport Agency, New Zealand Courts, New Zealand Qualification Authority and other New Zealand authorities.

English to French translation service is usually performed by our professional native French translators.  Depending on where your French translation will be used, we can tailor the translation to suit your readership.

Typical documents we translate include:

  • Business documents: business correspondences, marketing materials, import & export documents, financial statements, feasibility reports, etc.
  • Technical and medical documents: laboratory test reports, medical reports, medical journal articles, hospital records, product operation manuals, technical specifications, SOP, etc.
  • Personal documents: driving licence, police certificates, birth certificates, marriage certificates, immigration application documents, education certificates, etc.

For pricing and turnaround information, please visit our web page: